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Your child’s tuition and education is incredibly important, and during this difficult time, you may feel the pressures of home-schooling. There are an estimated 1.25 billion children who are currently at home as a result of the pandemic, all of which still need to focus on their studies.

To help continue your children’s education, Preston Tuition Centre is offering online tuition throughout April to ensure your child is still learning and getting the education they deserve.

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Benefits of Keeping Children in Tuition

It’s easy to fall out of routine when unexpected changes occur in our daily lives. Education however is something that can be learnt from the comfort of your home through the use of online tuition classes.

Although it can seem a challenge, there are huge benefits of keeping your child in tuition when at home. Keeping children engaged with their studies is a struggle when their working and learning environment has changed.

They find their attention span decreases, which makes it difficult to retain new information, however, Preston Tuition Centre’s online classes’ helps to keep your child engaged, helping them to continue their studies.

It can also be a struggle to fit home schooling around your busy schedule as you juggle education around work commitments, but Preston Tuition Centre take care of this for you. Their online classes ensure your child is receiving extensive tutoring lessons in a range of subjects, including maths, English, and science.

At Preston Tuition Centre, they understand the importance of tuition. Their qualified teachers know how to encourage, motivate and engage children, whether it’s through face to face lessons or online tuition.

They aim to make a difference to your child’s life by sharing their professional knowledge and experience of the local education system and curriculum. Their dedicated teachers have the expertise to help your children achieve their academic goals.

If you would like to find out more about their fantastic online tuition services – simply get in touch with their experts today by calling 07816063311 and they will be happy to help.